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If you want happy, healthy and productive employees who can maintain a steady work flow in order to grow your business then give them the benefit of a Louchee Clean where we guarantee an impeccable clean workforce. After all who doesn’t want to work in a clean environment?


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 Professional Cleans

Commercial Cleaning done the Louchee Way brings so many benefits to you and your business. One of these being a positive result on your overall business profit and here’s exactly why…

Improved professional image

You only get one chance to make a first impression – make it count!

The first time those potential customers walk through your door, they will be judging. Whilst they are waiting in the waiting area, they have nothing else to do then look around. Your employees may be used to the musty smell, noticeable stains, dusty skirting boards, and cobwebs but your customers and potential clients are going to notice. Just think what impression that gives…

Investing in Louchee Clean Ltd (a professional cleaning business that cleans to an exceptional high standard consistently for commercial and domestic properties) will ensure that your first impression shows the customer that you take pride in your business and value your staff enough to ensure they are working in a healthy clean environment.

Clean facilities are not just a cost but an investment. They generate revenue if they are cleaned correctly!

Increased employee health = reduced absence and increased productivity

If you want to reduce your staffs overall absence then contact Louchee Clean today.

We are professional, thorougher, consistent and we aim to please every clean. We guarantee that if we clean for you… we will reduce the probability of your staff catching illnesses within your working environment by 80%!

To help achieve this we ensure all your cleaning is to an exceptional high level, including those skirting boards being cleaned on every clean. All common surfaces with high level of contamination will get extra attention such as keyboard, desk mice, phones, sink faucet handles, microwave handles, refrigerator handles, water fountain buttons, hand dryers, window handles, push and pull door surfaces and much more.

If you would like to find out more on how Louchee Clean can produce big results for you.. then get in touch and we can get you booked in for a free no obligation quotation.

Deep Clean Start

We like to give each new commercial clean an intense deep clean so that we can get your premises to our standards. This enables us to tackle the nitty gritty in one go so that on a regular clean we can maintain the cleaning results we made.

Weekly (Most Popular)

Having a weekly clean enables us to maintain what we acheived on your deep clean. Ensuring that the working environment is clean and fresh keeping it looking welcoming and professional at all times.


Frequent enough to prevent build up of limescale, mould and residue returning within your workplace. It allows us enough time to then maintain what we achieved in the deep clean. Fortnightly cleans tend to need a little longer than weekly cleans with them not being as regular so that we keep that professional image for staff and potential customers.

First Impressions

A clean working environment is crucial in todays world. But have you ever considered that it also communicates to customers what your buisiness is like...

  • How professional you are?
  • Do you take business seriously?
  • Will you cut corners to keep costs down?
  • Do you respect your staff enough to provide them with a clean hygienic work space?
  • Will you represent them as you represent your own business?

If your not representing your business in a positive light from the moment people walk through the door, then you need us to turn that around for you.

Investing in Louchee Clean to professionally clean your business premises has many advantages. Having happy, healthy and productive employees who can maintain a steady work flow in order to grow your business being just one. Removing germs, bacteria and polluted air in the work environment will reduce staff absence. Having a clean and tidy work station results in higher productivity and better cognitive thinking.

These are just a few examples of how you can benefit from a Louchee Clean at work. To start seeing these positives, contact us today.


Did you know...

  • Research shows that 6 in 10 customers prefer cleanliness.
  • 94% of people would a avoid a business in the future if they encounter dirty restrooms.
  • Employees being unwell cost’s business money. The average worker is absent due to sickness 7.7 days a year. That’s 7.7 days absence, per employee, per year.
  • Unplanned absence reduces productivity by 54% leading to a drop in sales of 39%!!!
  • Did you know that employees are 8% more productive in a clean environment which equates to business savings.
  • Further research shows that indoor unhealthy air negatively affects not only the physical health but the bodies function as well.

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